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My name is John and I am a college student. In addition, I am also a gamer. No, not a pro gamer, just a regular gamer like you! I don’t compete in major tournaments, nor do I claim that I am good enough to do so. Instead, I have come here to talk to you wonderful people about our favorite games, as well as about what its like to be a gamer in college.

Here’s a little about me and what I enjoy! From a gaming standpoint, I started way back when playing on both the Gameboy Color and the original Playstation when I was about six. This was about the time when Pokemon Blue and Red came out. Some of my favorite games back then were definitely Pokemon (of course) but also Ape Escape and A Bugs Life on the Playstation as well as Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on the GBC.

From here I naturally progressed to the GameBoy Advanced and SP. But thats a progression that continued a love for adventure games and platformers. My next console progression was to the Xbox. It was here where I first experienced a major fps game as well as good sports games such as Madden and the 2k NHL games. Being a history nerd, I found the original Call of Duty games absolutely fascinating. They were excellent at putting the player into real historical events while keeping an interesting story. I also enjoyed the fact that the Xbox allowed for DVDs to be played, eliminating the need to have two devices. From the Xbox I moved on to the Xbox 360 Arcade. This continued the trend of playing fps’s as well as my first forays into the wonderful world of Star Wars: KOTOR and Battlefront. The end of my Xbox life was actually quite recent with the latest version of the 360 with my Kinect. I no longer have this, for I have made the switch over to Playstation.

I made the switch for a couple of reasons. The first reason is simply because I wanted to play The Last of Us, a game created by Naughty Dog Studios and only available on the Playstation. The next reason is because one of my good friends was the only one in our little friendship circle with an Xbox and I wanted to be able to play Borderlands 2 with him. Another one is that I was tired of having to pay 10 dollars a month to play online with people who were just going to verbally abuse me without knowing my life. Finally, I was quite disappointed with the Xbone announcement and it kind of turned me off of Microsoft products for a while, but that’s a rant for another day. 

Recently, I have been into PC gaming as well as on the Playstation 3. My favorite computer game is, by far, Starcraft. Now, I am by no means good. This season I have zero wins and last season I had like one, but I find it fascinating. There’s so much that you have to think about and work on and multiple elements that all have to come together to create a good game and a good player. I am in Bronze League and I play Protoss primarily. Additionally, of all the gaming communities that I have experienced, the one for Starcraft has definitely been the most welcoming and helpful, allowing for you to easily find somebody to help you improve. Thats definitely on the list for another topic. 

To wrap it up, let me tell you about my school life. I’m a third year student studying History with a double minor in Political Science and Asian Studies. I have a decent gpa and can crank out papers like none other. Additionally, I work about 35 hours a week. This doesn’t allow for a lot of time for gaming, but I intend to focus on this and help you be a great gamer while maintaining your primary job as a student. 

Anyways, remember that you can always follow me on Twitter @j3comics and check out my YouTube channel!



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